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Healing From the Body Level Up™

What exactly is Healing From the Body Level Up™ (HBLU™)?
HBLU™ is a unique and comprehensive healing system that integrates original research, developed by Dr. Judith Swack, with tools from psychology, applied kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Energy Psychology, several spiritual-based healing systems and biomedical science It teaches a client how to connect with their deepest wisdom by finding the patterns that interfere with their goals and through specific healing techniques heal themselves on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels simultaneously.
HBLU™ consistently produces rapid, powerful, and lasting results.

How does
HBLU™ Work?
An ongoing relationship is formed with a client who is committed to self-actualizing in all dimensions of their life.  It begins by dealing with the most pressing problems.  Then we address the underlying issues that may be interfering with a client experiencing full health, happiness, prosperity and success.

According to Dr. Swack, "the basic premise of HBLU™ is that we all have a soul that has come to earth to manifest our soul mission and make a personal contribution to the world.  The ability to manifest our mission is what makes our lives feel meaningful and deeply satisfying. When we die, we can look back on our life and see that the world was a better place for our having been here. We are here to experience the fullness of life and all that it has to offer." 

For those who are not feeling that they have been fulfilling their soul mission or who have not yet discovered it, HBLU™ is a way to help you find it.  There may be some form of interference that is getting in your way and it will help you discover it and clear it.  HBLU™ helps a client discover and remove these interferences which may be due to life experience, personality structure or external factors.

Beginning the Work

The work begins by having the client utilize the NLP technique of going inside to consciously access information from the unconscious mind and talking to the part that needs healing. The responses may take the following forms:

  1. Visual; a picture, a memory, a dream that you can see,
  2. Auditory; a thought in words, a piece of music, a tone of voice,
  3. Kinesthetic; a physical or emotional sensation felt in the body. (Sometimes there is a taste or smell response.)

The client is then taught how to consciously access information from the body and soul levels using an applied kinesiology technique called muscle testing so that the body registers true or false to questions. Once communication is established with the unconscious mind, body, and soul, the client's deepest wisdom (soul) will determine all of the healing steps that are necessary to accomplish their goal of being healed.  This includes information about which patterns interfere with the goal, where they are located in the body, and which interventions should be used to clear it.  Interventions may include many NLP techniques as well as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

A Typical Session

All the healing work in HBLU™ is done according to the standard balance protocol outlined here.

Standard Balance Protocol

  1. The client establishes a priority goal.
  2. Through muscle testing we get permission to work on the goal.
  3. We determine a % negative charge on the goal.
  4. We determine a priority interference pattern.
  5. The priority interference pattern is explained and the client understands it.
  6. Through muscle testing we choose technique to clear priority interference pattern.
  7. Locate feeling in the body that is associated with priority interference pattern.
  8. Do the healing technique.
  9. Muscle test the results.
  10. The client writes any learnings they have discovered during the process.

In HBLU™ we communicate with the client’s conscious mind, unconscious mind, body, and soul simultaneously in order to facilitate a complete healing.

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